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Relax and Rejuvernate

From the peace and solitude of a private 600-acre estate to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Jackson Browne… from hiking trails and mountain streams to the world-renowned Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival… from daily yoga and Qigong classes to world-class theater and film festivals… and in the winter, end your day...
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7 Top Ways To Boost Your Immune System

  By John Kozinski, MEA 10/21/14   Enjoy Thanksgiving Day at Eastover.   For $79.00, you get to enjoy Thanksgiving day Health Lecture by John Kozinski, MEA, Thanksgiving dinner, and John’s Jazz Band at Tallyho, Eastover Estate.  To register call 866-264-5139 or go to   Most of the modern illnesses...
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How Meditation Can Improve a Leader’s Performance

“A study at American University and published in a special issue of Cognitve Processing,  dedicated to meditation and consciousness in February, 2010, concluded that meditation, carried out effectively, produced a unique state of ‘restful alertness,’ as seen in the markedly higher alpha power in the frontal cortex and lower beta...
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Meditation, “Radical Transparency” and the New Capitalism

Ray Dalio, is an adherent of “radical transparency,” a management theory that calls for total honesty and accountability. He’s also a longtime practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and has built its precepts on self-actualization into Bridgewater’s office culture. (He’s even brought in David Lynch, the film director and unofficial TM spokesman,...
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The Surprising Success Secret This Hedge Fund Founder Swears By

“‘Meditation more than any other factor has been the secret to whatever success I’ve had,’ Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, told financial journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin at a David Lynch Foundation event on Tuesday evening.” Dalio said that Transcendental Meditation — a technique that...
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