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Energy healing, qigong is one;
Convert waste to energy – power cube is one
Solar – Our solar street lights and hot water collectors which will be on many of our roofs.
Energy as food – macrobiotics teaches how whole grain cooked w fire can transfers energy into food and supplement human vitality. Chinese has many ways too to combine with medicated food recipes;
energy savings on heating and cooling with new technology etc.

App turns bicycle into electric-hybrid vehicle

A Massachusetts startup is launching a new device that transforms almost any bicycle into an electric-hybrid vehicle using an app on a smartphone. The combination of power from the Copenhagen Wheel and the cyclist’s energy can make an average biker move “almost like a Tour-de-France-level athlete in your daily commute,”...
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Quiet, Bladeless, More Efficient Wind Turbines on the Horizon

Wind Turbines have “stirred” controversy because they omit sound at a level that is disturbing, and they are responsible for the death of birds, especially those flying during migration. It is important to appreciate that this technology is evolving rapidly and the 300-foot turbines we are accustomed to seeing are...
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