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Farming and eat local – responsible way of land use and farming practices. Saves trucking energy. Our English garden using edible herbs and flowers exclusively – lavender, echnicea, St. John’s worth. Honey suckle, chives, goji bushes. shiso, German chrysanthemum. We got all these in our garden already. Wild burdock farm already in the buffalo pan. Forest fern being transferred to our Japanese garden under the birch trees. Mountain high natural mulches are our beds for mushrooms. Chinese herb like ginger, lotus root, and many others. Not only they are ornamental, they clean the environment too like run off street water etc.

Shipping container greenhouse. The future of urban farming?

Thanks to new growth-related technology like aquaponics and micro-methanation, very good yields can be obtained on a very small area, and still be environmentally friendly (organic produce and energy efficient). Housed on the roof of a container, the greenhouse is protected from urban areas. Designed as an “above ground” shared...
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